Inside Adjuster Placement

From time to time, insurance carriers require additional talent to perform desk adjuster duties. 

Unfortunately, finding quality inside adjusters can be a roll of the dice!

 And good or bad, the carrier still has to invest time and money training adjusters after they arrive on site.


what if you could get IAs that were already trained according to your company's policies and requirements? IAs who all followed the exact same procedures and protocols? Who all adhere to the same client-specific guidelines and standards?

IAs who could hit the ground running, and produce consistent, predictable output?



Starting with our robust generic training program, PICS works with our client to produce a curriculum tuned to their specific needs. We then certify our adjusters using that curriculum before sending them to the work site.

A consistent, pre-qualified supply of Independent Adjusters who all adhere to the same client-specific guidelines and standards.

What this means to the client:

  • Consistent work product;
  • Predictable, guaranteed rate of output;
  • Absolute minimum possible increase in LAE;
  • Minimal required supervision;
  • No on-site IA training needed;

There's no time like the present to prepare for the unforeseen. Please, take a moment to contact us right now and make PICS your guaranteed LAE-reducing partner!